Nursing Business Success Systems™

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25 reviews for Nursing Business Success Systems™

  1. Anonymous

    Great Product!
    “Great product with such a simple and effective way to guide someone like me who wanted to start a new in-home nursing business.”

  2. Anonymous

    Comprehensive and Effective Tools
    “This System provides very comprehensive and effective tools for us to build successful in-home nursing business.”

  3. Anonymous

    Powerful Strategies
    “Lily presents these powerful strategies in such a simple way, and I realized that I truly have the capacity to build my dream business to the next level.”

  4. Member

    Top-Notch Marketing Ideas
    “This program provides top-notch marketing ideas and techniques to guide me to achieve a successful business.”

  5. Member

    Knowing How To Plan
    “Knowing how to plan for my case management business strategies is the biggest actionable idea I received from Lily’s program.”

  6. Member

    Truly Unique Manner
    “Powerful in-home nursing business system for our profession, presenting marketing and sales in a truly unique manner. “

  7. Member

    Valuable Content
    “Very valuable content. The price is very resealable for initial investment of in-home nursing business.”

  8. gkicds_admin

    Unique Marketing and Sales Content
    “From my previous experience, as I have been through many presentations and programs, Lily’s program has unique marketing and sales content and tools! I strongly agree with what Lily recommended to expand my business”.

  9. gkicds_admin

    Sarah Raden, RN, BSN
    “Lily’s years of bedside nursing at some of the world’s top hospitals combined with her business successes in China and America, give her approach the unique ability to drive nurse entrepreneurs’ success. Her insights have opened up my vision to achieve the life I’ve always dreamed of.”

  10. gkicds_admin

    Anna L. Mitchell-Gervais RN, BSN
    “Simply insightful, unique, winsome and inspiring! Lily doesn’t just tell us how, why and what to do—she does it, and shows us to do the same to succeed. She serves as a powerful example of the truth that she shares. I loved all of Lily’s personal stories and ancient success wisdom, I particularly love the Monkey King story!”

  11. gkicds_admin

    Rachel Cardose, RN, DNP
    “Compelling! Lily opens new doors to us with exciting stories, business skills, intelligence and actionable steps. She captivates, informs and inspires each of us to achieve our highest and best. It’s a treasure for any nurse or nurse-to-be trying to make sense of the ways to personal and professional success.”

  12. gkicds_admin

    Deborah Koenes, Financial Operating Manager
    “Lily combines modern nursing knowledge with ancient Chinese success secret to create unique valuable insights and results! The content, stories, questions and recapping are very insightful, friendly, accessible and compelling. It builds new bridges to power partnership opportunities for our financial business entrepreneurs everywhere indeed.”

  13. gkicds_admin

    Nora LeBlanc, RN, BSN
    “The personal anecdotes Lily relates are very interesting and encouraging, and her tips are simple and practical! She doesn’t just tell us to fearlessly pursue our dreams—she shows us how to do it. Her coaching is full of real life experience, conversation openers, ancient success wisdom, creative ideas and encouraging stories, and I just love the Monkey King story!”

  14. gkicds_admin

    Renee Kramer, RT – Registered Technologist (Radiology)
     “Lily’s wonderful, practical examples and ‘How-To’ tools show the road. She guides many of us on the journey to achieve the respect, autonomy, freedom and prosperity of our hearts’ desire. I am so inspired by Lily’s passion! Her diligently practical intelligence and inspiring heart-warming personal experiences, like fuel for your fire, and let your light shine!”

  15. gkicds_admin

    Mary Jo Goethel Speech Pathologist
    “Lily understands that success is not just a matter of making large amounts of money. Success springs from self-respect and the ability to do the ‘right thing’ on each one of our own terms. I love Lily’s passion! She definitely inspires not only nurses, but also many other health care professionals like me!”

  16. gkicds_admin

    Great work!
    “Thank you so much for these valuable topics, Lily, you are a great speaker and put lots of efforts on it. Great work!”

  17. gkicds_admin

    Nursing Care Profit System are Awesome!
    “I love the speaker’s enthusiasm; the components of Nursing Care Profit System are awesome!!!”

  18. gkicds_admin

    Great Opportunities
    “My biggest takeaway is that there are super great opportunities to build In-Home Care Business in Nursing”

  19. gkicds_admin

    Powerful Presentation
    “Powerful presentation!! The biggest actionable idea I gained is: The “Switch” concept, and the importance of being at the “Top of Consciousness” when the potential prospect switches from “not ready” to “ready”.

  20. gkicds_admin

    Powerful Nursing Business System
    “What I love most is that the presenter was engaging and she truly enjoys what she does, very powerful nursing business system and ideas.”

  21. gkicds_admin

    Great Passion
    “Lily has a great passion to present what she discovered in this wonderful in-home nursing business system.”

  22. gkicds_admin

    Positive Outlook
    “I love Lily’s positive outlook of in-home nursing business for our profession. She presented marketing and sales in a truly unique manner. “

  23. gkicds_admin

    My Biggest Take Away…
    “My biggest take away is to learn who my ideal clients are, and their perception is what really matters.”

  24. gkicds_admin

    Avoid The Most Common Mistakes
    “It’s great to know how to avoid the most common mistakes in-home nursing business owners make.”

  25. gkicds_admin

    Sarah Raden, RN, MSN
    “Lily’s compelling coaching and mentoring are so practical in helping us to ‘jump out of the well’, and it will forever change how you view nurses and nursing.”

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