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Lily Carrier - Quality Optimized Nursing; Nursing Career Consultants

Founder, Lily Huang Carrier, is a dynamic and successful Nurse Entrepreneur and Business Mentor: 

  • Started as a med-surg nurse;
  • Built a thriving post-operative care business;
  • Hosted a business TV program to invite international entrepreneurs to help local businesses grow, which was broadcasted across China. 

Lily has been drawn to teaching, coaching all her life:

  • Earned her Master of Arts in Education from Guangxi Normal University, China, where Lily also served on the faculty;
  • Leaving behind her career, country, family, friends, and everything she knew that defined who she was — Lily embraced her visiting scholar opportunity and challenge to stay in the United States. 

Arriving in the United States with just two suitcases: 

  • Earned her nursing degree from Michigan State University;
  • Worked as a critical care nurse of top health care organizations in different settings;
  • Built a prosperous business law and life care elder law practice with her husband;
  • Founded her nursing business consulting and coaching company, Nursing Career Consultants, LLC. Lily is the foremost consultant and expert in assisting Nursing companies growing their business in simple, effective and very powerful ways you won’t discover from other sources!

Her entire life has been inspired by her ancestors-her grandparents were successful business and land owners… their struggles and wisdom, their entrepreneurial spirit, ancient stories, and powerful life example inspired her to build her own future… full of respect, freedom, and prosperity. 

Lily would like to share with you all that she has acquired along the way–from the practical to the philosophical.  

Nursing Career Consultants

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Nursing Career Consultants

Nursing Career Consultants

Nursing Career Consultants

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